Amanda M. von Forell Internship

Amanda M. von Forell
Agricultural Business
Wheatland, WY
Cargill Meat Solutions
Wichita, KS

Describe your internship responsibilities:

This summer I certainly was busy.  I had a split internship between Sales and Marketing, but was officially supervised by the Value Creations department.  My responsibilities included championing the cold chain temperature recorders process, pushing forward with Cargill’s innovation movement, aiding the Sales Team, and working with the Rancher’s Reserve marketing team.


Temperature Recorders- I investigated all the plants and their processes that involved applying and purchasing temperature recorders for shipments. Then I continued on with investigating if the costs were actually added to the invoices for the customers. This allowed me to discover that Cargill is spending an incredibly large amount of money on them and have many options to simplify the process and also to save large sums of money annually.


Innovation Champion- I was tasked with taking over the innovation movement for the summer.  This put me in charge of potential product/services research and allowed me to discover what the Cargill Beef unit considered innovative on many levels of the department.  As a conclusion I presented my market research and recommendations on what products/ services I thought would best fit and profit Cargill.


Sales Team/ Ranchers Reserve Marketing- I was also allowed to work with two different departments that typically don’t blend well.  This allowed me to not only work on several marketing campaigns, but it also allowed me to see what effect those campaigns can directly have on the sales floor.  I extended contracts and dealt with customer questions as well with the sales team.


What did you enjoy most about this internship?

The most enjoyable part of my summer was the amount of responsibility I was given.  I was treated as an employee and not an intern.  This was unique compared to other interns, but my supervisor wanted to make sure that I understood what a career in Cargill could really feel like.  Being treated like an employee certainly put more stress on my job, but it also allowed me to be a beneficial part of the company that was actually effective for Cargill itself.


How has this experience impacted your future career plans?

Absolutely!  I will start working with Cargill in August.


What resources did you utilize to obtain this internship?

In order to get this internship I started out at the Ag Career Day two years ago.  Then I utilized the Career Services Office to keep my professional portfolio as attractive as possible.  Furthermore, I utilized people that I had begun networking with when I first met employees with Cargill.  I stayed in touch with these employees as a way to ensure I was ahead of the game for the following year.


What advice would you offer to other students seeking similar internships?

I would offer three simple pieces of advice.


  1. Get Ahead of the Game- start now, revamp your resume, get it checked, start networking
  2. Utilize the Career Services Office- they are there to help you get a job, and we are incredibly fortunate to have a renowned department that is respected across the nation.
  3. Look for a Career not a Job- nothing is more important to business people than finding talented young minds that want to make a lifetime commitment to their company