Young Alum of the Month: Brad Kruse

Brad Kruse
Title and Company: 
Test Engineer, Kinze Manufacturing
Dyersville, IA
Major and Graduation Date: 
M.S. Industrial and Agricultural Technology- Fall 2015; B.S. Agricultural Systems Technology- Spring 2014
Major Job/Position Responsibilities: 

I support product testing from the point of initial concept to production on new products and options for the both planter and grain cart product lines. My responsibilities include developing test plans, installing sensors to quantify test parameters, executing tests, analysis of collected data, and communication of the data and issues back to the rest of the engineering department.

What you like most about your job/position: 

I enjoy the wide variety of tasks and project ownership I get working at Kinze.  I could be planning out the next 8 months of testing procedures and objectives for a project in the morning and then executing a field test for a different project in the afternoon.  My work is what helps verify the product meets the needs of the customer.

I am a hands-on individual and require a good balance between office and out-of-office work.  My position is very much hands on and requires me to be out in the field understanding the capabilities of the product.  My experience and knowledge of the new product capabilities helps verify performance and/or guide additional changes.

I would not be able to do my job without the great men and women I work with every day.  Each is more than willing to help if asked but also has a specialized skill set that supports the overall project.

What advice would you give to current students: 

Get Involved- There are so many great opportunities on campus.  Find something you are passionate about, love to do, or a pastime you enjoy and there is most likely a club that aligns with your interest.  Do not forget to explore involvement opportunities within your department.  I encourage you to take on leadership roles, as employers are looking for individuals who are willing to take on responsibility.

Study Abroad- Work with the awesome resources available to you in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Study Abroad Office to find something that fits your interest.  I guarantee you will be glad you did.  I was able to take advantage of a summer study abroad experience and felt the opportunity was priceless.  The change in culture, community, and agriculture was an eye opening experience.

Explore Internship Opportunities- Utilize the resources available to you through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Career Services Office and CALS Career Day.  Network with companies and find opportunities in your area of interest.  These types of opportunities often lead into full-time employment.

Have fun- Remember that college is not always about studying and going to class.  Take time to experience the opportunities available to you and meet new people.  Since graduating, I have crossed paths with many of the people I met along the way.

Favorite ISU Class(es)
TSM 337- Fluid Power/Hydraulics
TSM 397- Internship Course
ABE 410/510- Electronic Systems Integration for Agricultural Machinery