Young Alum of the Month: Emily Ullerich

Emily Ullerich
Title and Company: 
Milk Unlimited Dairy Farms L.P.
Atlantic, IA
Major and Graduation Date: 
B.S., Dairy Science, May 2012
Major Job/Position Responsibilities: 

My major responsibilities include breeding cows and administering the associated shots as well as many of the vaccinations given on the farm.  Other responsibilities include feeding and caring for calves 2 or 3 days a week and assisting with preg check each week.

What you like most about your job/position: 

My favorite part about my job is working with the cows and getting to see the whole cycle.  Not only do I breed cows but I get to see and work with the calves of the cows I bred.  Also, each cow that settles is another cow that will get to produce milk for another lactation and continue to help feed the world. That excites me!

What advice would you give to current students: 

Hands on Experience!  Get any and all hands-on experience you can!  Internships are fantastic for this.  The science you learn in class is important but putting it into practice will really make it stick.  Also, there is no substitute for having good animal handling skills when you walk onto a dairy (or other animal facility) regardless of what your role is in the facility.

Network!  You never know who you will run into again or who will be the connection you need someday.  Also, your peers can be a wealth of knowledge and support both while you are in school and as you continue into the workforce.

Keep An Open Mind!  There are a lot of ideas and different perspectives out there.  If you can keep an open mind you can learn more than you ever thought possible.  You might even find yourself pulled in a new and exciting direction that you never could have imagined on your own.

Favorite ISU Class
Dy Sci 435 - it really tied my whole experience at Iowa State together.