Young Alum of the Month: Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson
Title and Company: 
College of Veterinary Health Sciences, expected graduation 2012 at Oklahoma State University
Story City, Iowa
Major and Graduation Date: 
Animal Science, December 2007
Major Job/Position Responsibilities: 

Growing up on a diversified crop and livestock operation in rural Iowa allowed me to witness the intricate role of veterinarians as animal health professionals, but also as business owners and active members of the community. While many of my peers looked up to athletic superstars and performing artists with shiny cars and fancy clothing, my role models drove dusty, dented trucks and wore green coveralls with rubber boots. I realized that superficial eminence could never surpass the respect, knowledge, trust and dependability of a veterinarian. My passion for agriculture and livestock production, coupled with a desire to gain and exemplify these characteristics compelled me to focus my drive and determination on a path towards a career in veterinary medicine.

What you like most about your job/position: 

The veterinary medical profession demands more than just a strong livestock background. Veterinarians have to implement professional communication techniques to convey critical information in a manner that is effective for each individual client. The decisions veterinarians make must be based on extensive training in adherence to moral and ethical standards. As a veterinary student, my responsibilities are based on maintaining constant academic dedication now and throughout my veterinary career so I can provide accurate information and the best services possible to my clients.

What advice would you give to current students: 

1.) View challenges as opportunities for personal growth. Embrace the opportunity to grow even further academically, professionally, and socially while at Iowa State.

2.) Do not falter in the face of adversity. Never let adversity affect your academic and future career goals. Embrace the opportunity that you have before you and commit yourself to pursue a career that you desire.


Favorite ISU class: 

Biochemistry 301