Young Alum of the Month: Laynnea Jones

Laynnea Jones
Title and Company: 
Senior Safety, Health & Environmental Specialist; Research and Innovation Division at L’Oréal USA
Elizabeth, NJ
Major and Graduation Date: 
Industrial Technology with an Emphasis on Occupational Safety and Health, August 2004
Major Job/Position Responsibilities: 

At L’Oréal USA Research and Innovation(R&I) Division, I am accountable for the development, implementation, evaluation and technical aspects of safety, health and environment compliance and protection.  I perform safety audits, monitor and follow up on corrective actions, and advise employees and management of current safety, health and environmental issues.  Industrial hygiene monitoring, ergonomic assessments and conducting safety trainings are additional responsibilities that I perform.

What you like most about your job/position: 

Being an ambassador for safety, health & the environment on a daily basis for employees is the best part of my job.  I enjoy knowing that I play an integral role in making sure that employees are working in a safe and healthy environment.  Being a safety professional at L’Oréal also enables me to have a hands-on approach of working with an array of employees, which allows me to recognize any gaps that we may have in our safety, health and environmental program.

What advice would you give to current students: 

The advice that I would give students pursuing a career in Agriculture and Life Sciences is to have a mentor, learn to network, and get involved in professional organizations.  All of these items have helped me tremendously throughout my career.  I would also strongly encourage students to be principled and passionate.  People have a hard time believing in something that you don’t believe in and use in your day to day life.  It is always said that life is what you make it and that includes your career.


Favorite ISU classes:

I TEC 272-Intro to Occupational Safety- This course opened my perspective on what the field of Occupational Safety and Health was all about.  I immediately gained an enhanced appreciation of the field and was further intrigued by the vast specialties that one could focus on.


I TEC 231 Metallic Materials & Processing- I enjoyed the hands-on aspect of the metals class.  The class challenged my idea of what I thought I was capable of accomplishing through working with metals.  Working individually and partnering up in groups to produce items such as a meat tenderizer, a coaster and even a tool box was intimidating and rewarding at the same time.  It was intimidating because safety could not be compromised for even one second or it could have resulted in a serious injury.  It was rewarding because the outcome of the finished product made the project worthwhile.  These types of assignments required intense focus on safety and one’s ability to ensure that all measurements were accurate.


I TEC 470 Industrial Hygiene:  Chemical and Biological Hazards and I TEC 471 Industrial Hygiene:  Physical Hazards- Both Industrial Hygiene courses were informative and captured my attention immediately.  Learning about the vast number of health-related problems in the industrial setting, with strong emphasis on toxic chemicals, ventilation and noise was eye opening.  The most intriguing part was the human ability to measure all of these levels with instrumentation designed to measure the quality and quantity of such exposure levels.  This course truly enhanced my knowledge in the occupational, safety and health field.  I always found myself interested in the effects that chemicals and other environmental factors have on people while at work.  The fact that instruments can be used to extrapolate information to help reduce and/or eliminate the effects is incredulous.  The knowledge that I gained from the industrial hygiene courses in particular has helped me incorporate and easily identify industrial hygiene issues at L’Oréal on a daily basis.


I TEC 575 Safety & Public health Issues in Modern Society- Having a course where we explored and analyzed safety and health issues that impacts our society opened up my way of thinking of how people address and react towards their safety and health as well as others around them.  Additionally, it was interesting to learn how the linkage of your personal and home environment mindset can impact and transpire to how you view and respond to safety and health in the workplace.