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College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Classroom Speaker Proposal

Thank you for your interest in presenting educational material to College of Agriculture and Life Sciences students. The College greatly values our relationship with industry partners and we appreciate your willingness to enhance the student learning experience. Please contact Mike Gaul with information about your organization, the types of classes that may be relevant, your potential presentation topics, and possible dates. Upon receipt, your request will be routed to relevant faculty members for consideration.

  • Additionally, please consider the following general guidelines relevant to your campus visit.  Class instructors are solely responsible for course content and class schedule. It is their prerogative to invite speakers to present materials relevant to class goals and objectives.
  • Speakers are welcome to provide a brief overview of the company but the focus of the presentation should be a technical or career development topic.
  • In compliance with EEO laws, if specific employment opportunities are discussed or resumes collected, these positions must be posted on our electronic job board (CyHire). This ensures fair and equal access to all qualified candidates on the Iowa State campus.

Contact Mike Gaul