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Young Alum Of The Month

  • Jacob Lehmkuhl

    Name:  Jacob Lehmkuhl

    Hometown:  Clinton, Iowa

    Major and Graduation Date:  Horticulture, August 2018

    Favorite ISU Class:  I really enjoyed the Horticulture classes that incorporated hands-on learning in the field.  Being able to step outside the classroom and implement the curriculum in the landscape helped shape my skills and knowledge to be applied in future applications.  From identifying plants, to diagnosing pests, designing new landscapes, assessing construction projects, testing equipment, or researching new technologies, there was always something different and exciting to learn.

    Job Title & Employer:  Horticulturist of Landscape Development, Augusta National Golf Club

  • Caryn Dawson

    Name: Caryn Dawson

    Hometown: Manson, IA

    Major and graduation date: Global Resource Systems and Horticulture (Minors: Animal Science, Spanish), May 2021

  • Emily Franciskato

    Name:  Emily Franciskato

    Hometown:  Lee’s Summit, MO

    Major and graduation date:  Genetics, minor in Psychology, May 2020

    Favorite ISU class:  My favorite class at ISU was Genetics 409 with Dr. Rodermel.  It was a small class with great discussion about genetics topics ranging from early beliefs about inheritance to testing technologies we use today. The genetics courses at Iowa State set me up for success for my didactic training in my genetic counseling graduate program.

    Job Title & Company:  Reproductive Genetic Counselor and Assistant in Obstetrics and Gynecology in the Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

  • Michael Parker

    Name:  Michael Parker

    Hometown:  Dike, IA

    Major and Graduation Date:  Forestry, December 2018

    Favorite ISU Class:  While not a single class, I would say the 200 series during my sophomore year.  The 200 series is an entire semester of classes that all 2nd-year forestry students take during the fall.  It creates a sound foundation of forestry knowledge and skills that help prepare you moving forward with your education and career.  The series includes a three-week field course located in a varying region of the country each year—my class went to the Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center near Andalusia, Alabama.

    Job Title & Company:  Smokejumper, United States Forest Service

  • Sonia Carrola

    Name:  Sonia Carrola

    Hometown:   Madison, WI

    Major and Graduation Date: Food Science, May 2019

    Favorite ISU class:  FSHN 411: Food Ingredient Interactions and Formulations.  I enjoyed learning about the functions specific ingredients have in finished product applications.  These concepts were demonstrated by making food products with slightly different formulations and comparing the differences between the final products.  I really liked that this class was highly applied.

    Job Title & Company:  Product Development Technologist at Wells Enterprises.  Wells Enterprises is an ice cream and frozen desserts producer, maker of Blue Bunny, Halo Top, Bomb Pop, Blue Ribbon Classics and more.

  • Theresa Brehm

    Name:  Theresa Brehm

    Hometown:  Durango, IA

    Major and Graduation Date:  Global Resource Systems and Environmental Science, with a minor in Agronomy, May 2020

    Favorite ISU class:  AGRON 497: Agroecology Field Course.  I loved getting to visit so many different agricultural areas in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota.  I learned directly from farmers how they are implementing different conservation practices and dedicating themselves and their families to working with the natural environment, rather than against it, to build a better agricultural future for the world.

  • Alyssa Dougherty

    Name:  Alyssa Dougherty

    Hometown:  Epworth, IA

    Major and Graduation Date:  Dietetics and Global Resource Systems, May 2020

    Favorite ISU class:  My favorite ISU class was Globe 321 with Catherine Swoboda and Shelley Taylor.  My classmates and I had just returned from our summer-long international internships, and everyone had a unique learning experience from a different corner of the world to share.  I enjoyed learning from them and reflecting more upon my own personal growth from a 9-week internship in India with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition.

  • Kendra Spier

    Name:  Kendra Spier

    Hometown:  Cambridge, WI

    Major and Graduation Date:  Dairy Science and Global Resource Systems; Fall 2020

    Favorite ISU class:  AnS 337 Lactation

    Job Title & Company:  Global Development Education Coordinator for URUS

  • Jared Diehl

    Name: Jared Diehl

    Hometown: Dayton, VA

    Major and Graduation Date: Culinary Food Science, Spring 2018

    Favorite ISU Class:  I really enjoyed our Food Product Development Class.  Since I wanted to pursue a career in food product development this class made me really excited to graduate and pursue a career in research and development.  Learning how to produce a food product from Ideation to Commercialization was very interesting and helped to strengthen my love for food and food product development.

    Job title and Company:  Innovation and Design Lead, Buddy’s Kitchen

  • Emma Troyer

    Name:  Emma Troyer

    Hometown:  Kalona, IA

    Major and Graduation Date: Biology: May, 2020

    Favorite ISU Class:  Molecular and Cellular Biology of Human Diseases (BIOL 328).  This class really showed me how much I enjoy learning about diseases of the human body that would be actually taught to me again in medical school!  I believe this was the first class that I took that was specific toward humans which was awesome.  It was a very exciting and well taught class.

    Job Title and company: Second-year Medical Student at A.T. Still University, Kirksville College of Medicine

  • Sarah Heiller

    Name:  Sarah Heiller

    Hometown:  Boone, IA

    Major(s) and graduation date Animal Science and Spanish, May 2020

    Favorite ISU class? AN S 214L, Domestic Animal Anatomy and Physiology Lab.  I am a visual learner, so the weekly dissections in this class helped me visualize everything I was learning in my other animal science classes.  Seeing the anatomy while we learned about physiology made the science feel real; it was no longer just concepts I memorized out of a textbook.

    Job Title & Company: Spanish Field Liaison, Partners for Production Agriculture

  • Lauren Mellenthin

    Name:  Lauren Mellenthin

    Hometown:  Naperville, Illinois (IL)

    Major and graduation date:  Animal Ecology, with minor in Environmental Studies, May 2019

    Favorite ISU class:  Vertebrate Biology (Biol 365/A Ecl 365) taught by Dr. Dean Adams was my favorite class.  I was able to view animal biology from a new perspective of evolution, which turned everything I thought I knew about animal biology on its head.  Another one of my favorite aspects of the class was how enthusiastic Dr. Adams was in teaching the material and engaging with students.  This inspired me to continue learning beyond this class and in my current research!

  • Elizabeth Christenson

    Name: .Elizabeth Christenson

    Hometown:  Sheboygan Falls, WI

    Major and Graduation Date:  Agronomy & Animal Science, May 2018

    Favorite ISU class:   Agronomy 392 was my favorite class because I was able to take all of the knowledge, information, and skills learned over the first 3.5 years of college and apply it to actual farm scenarios.  Another one of my favorite parts of the class was learning in depth about all of the nutrient cycles on the farm. I also enjoyed developing critical thinking skills directly related to on farm scenarios during the course. 

    Job Title & Company:  1.  Root of Grace Farm - Co-Owner; 2.  Redeemed Financial Coaching – Personal Financial Coach

  • Kyle Lafrenz

    Name: Kyle Lafrenz

    Hometown: Durant, IA

    Major and Graduation Date: Agricultural Systems Technology; Minor: Agronomy; May 2019

    Favorite ISU Class: TSM 433 – Precision Ag. This class was a lot of fun for me as I was a part-time student worker for John Deere at the time.  I was making How-To videos for their precision ag equipment (in-cab displays, GPS receivers, AutoTrac™ technology, etc.).  I carried so much value from this class into my day-to-day duties.

    Job Title & Company: Aftermarket Services Rep for John Deere Company

  • Maddie Weathers

    Name:  Maddie Weathers

    Hometown:  Hastings, MN

    Major and Graduation Date: Agricultural Studies, Minors: Agronomy & General Business; May 2019

    Favorite ISU class:  My favorite class at Iowa State was Agronomy 182: Introduction to Soil Science. I did not grow up on a farm and my high school did not offer any agriculture classes, so this class gave me my first glimpse into what an agronomist is/does.  I found myself eager and excited to go to this class knowing that every day I would leave with an abundance of new information.  Some days, the knowledge was overwhelming and way over my head, but that is what pushed me to take the necessary steps to comprehend it.  I still refer back to the materials I have from this class.

  • Hannah Pagel

    Name:  Hannah Pagel

    Hometown:  Sumner, IA

    Major and Graduation Date: Agriculture and Life Sciences Education with Biology endorsement, December 2018

    Favorite ISU Class: Hort 131--Floral Design and Agriculture Entrepreneurship Initiative’s CRISPR travel course

    Job Title & Employer: Associate Editor for Agri-Pulse Communications in Washington, DC

    Major Job/Position Responsibilities: I write the weekly Farm Hands on the Potomac section of our newsletter, which covers job changes, promotions, and retirements in the DC and agriculture industry.

  • Jenna Lansing

    Name:  Jenna Lansing

    Hometown:  Worthington, IA

    Major and Graduation Date:  Agricultural Business, Minor in Animal Science, May 2016

    Favorite ISU Classes:  Econ 334: Entrepreneurship in Ag; AnSci 426: Advanced Beef Management

    Job Title and Employer:  Agri-Food WatchDesk Manager at Aimpoint Research

  • Kristen McEvoy

    Name:  Kristen McEvoy

    Hometown: Dysart, Iowa

    Major and Graduation Date: Public Relations and Agriculture & Society, Agronomy minor -- Fall 2018.

    Favorite ISU Class: ECON 334: Entrepreneurship in Agriculture

    Job Title & Employer: Account Manager, CornerPost Marketing

    Major Job & Position Responsibilities: CornerPost is a creative agriculture-based marketing agency.  In my role, I am a liaison between our clients and our internal team.  I manage multiple clients’ marketing and communication projects, and assist the team with writing, designing, event planning and website management.

  • Lane Hacker

    Name:  Lane Hacker

    Hometown: Pleasant Hill, Iowa

    Major and Graduation Date: Microbiology with Food Safety Minor - Fall 2018

    Favorite Class: AN S 270/L: Foods of Animal Origin

    Job Title and Employer: QA Specialist for Distribution, Saputo Dairy USA

    Major Job & Position Responsibilities:  Monitor and maintain logs of hold product at distribution facilities nationwide, investigate transportation incidents and evaluate product involved for food safety and quality concerns,  Ensure distribution facility compliance with internal, regulatory, and third-party QA standards by participating in audits and providing training. 

  • Ja'Markkus Evans

    Name: Ja’Markkus Evans

    Hometown: Waterloo, Iowa

    Major: Industrial Technology w/ emphasis in Occupational Safety

    Favorite ISU Class: TSM 415/416, Technology Capstone  

    Employer: L3Harris Technologies - Space & Airborne Systems

    Position: EHS Engineer