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Young Alum of the Month: Rachel Zumbach

Name:  Rachel Zumbach

Hometown:  Coggon, Iowa

Major and Graduation Date:  Agricultural and Life Sciences Education – Communications Option & International Agriculture, May 2021

Favorite ISU Class:  My favorite class at Iowa State was Leadership Styles and Strategies in a Diverse Society (LD ST 322) with Dr. Tara Widner.  This class taught me a lot about myself and the ins and outs of working with others from all backgrounds who may have differing perspectives on life and work.  It allowed me to really dive into the ethics of leadership and what that looks like for different cultures and people across the globe.

Job Title & Company:  Public Relations Manager, Iowa Corn

Major Job/Position Responsibilities:  At Iowa Corn, I am responsible for media inquiries, and serve as the liaison between our farmers and reporters.  I coordinate interviews, prepare talking points on various subject matters and help support our farmers in sharing their stories with the rest of the world - which I love!  I also manage our social media pages which bolster thousands of monthly views from consumers and farmers alike.

What do you like most about your job/position?  My favorite part of my job is working with our farmers!  They have become a part of my family - and as much as I help them with interviews and sharing their stories, they help me with life advice and experiential knowledge from years of farming.  I also love sharing the impact of agriculture with others.  Many consumers have become disconnected from the role agriculture and its byproducts play in their everyday life, which is why sharing our stories and starting conversations about agriculture is vital for the survival of our industry.

What advice would you give to current students pursuing a career in Agriculture and Life Sciences?   The best advice I can give is to pursue connections with everyone-you never know who you will meet and what door they may help you open in your future.