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Young Alum of the Month: Claire Campbell Kettle

Name: Claire Campbell Kettle 

Hometown: DeWitt, Iowa 

Major and Graduation Date: Biology, May 2020 

Favorite ISU Class: My favorite course at Iowa State University was PHIL 331:  Moral Problems in Medicine with Dr. Kupfer.  This course challenged the way I view everyday issues, helped me develop a system to make difficult decisions, and taught me the importance in diversity of thought. 

Job Title & Company: Dental Student at University of Iowa, College of Dentistry (Class of 2025) 

Major Job/Position Responsibilities: The first two years of dental school consist of developing hand skills in simulation clinic with 3D printed teeth, and taking courses such as anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and dental-specific classes.  As a third-year student, I will complete a clerkship by rotating through different dental specialties to gain exposure to all components of patient care.  In my fourth year, I will complete an off-site externship and see patients in a comprehensive clinical care setting.  

What do you like most about your job/position? My favorite part of dentistry is being able to combine science, art, engineering, and entrepreneurship to improve the quality of life of others.  I enjoy working with individuals that experience dental anxiety to (hopefully!) show them that dentists are an integral part of their overall health and are here to help.  

What advice would you give to current students pursuing a career in Agriculture and Life Sciences? Be persistent. If you truly want something, do not let anything hold you back from obtaining your goal.  Do not worry about “life timelines”.  Figure out what you enjoy and make time for it.  Find a mentor who will inspire you, help you grow, and hold you accountable.  Travel. Explore. Be kinder than necessary.  Visit Mike and Lois in the career services office – they have great life and career advice.