Adam Sacquitne

Young Alum of the Month

Name:  Adam Sacquitne

Hometown:  Decorah, Iowa

Major and Graduation Date:  Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Studies — May 2016, Master of Science in Agricultural Education with Teacher Certification — May 2018

Favorite ISU Class:  AGEDS 451: Agricultural Law; Kristine Tidgren

Job Title and Company:  Agricultural Educator and FFA Advisor, Wapsie Valley Community School District, Fairbank, Iowa

Major Job/Position Responsibilities:  The major responsibility of my position is educating middle and high school students about agriculture.  I assist students in planning, developing, and conducting agricultural experiences in animal science, soil and plant science, agricultural mechanics, agricultural business, conservation, horticulture, and independent agricultural projects.  Beyond the classroom, I am responsible to coordinate intracurricular travel to various events and contests such as dairy judging, Precision Ag Day, and Legislative Symposium.  With part of my position including FFA tasks, I work alongside FFA and community members to ensure events are planned and ran smoothly, all while providing a memorable, learning experience.  I challenge students to impact others with their knowledge of agriculture and honed leadership skills that can be used in the school, community, and world.

What you like most about your job/position?  My favorite part of being an Agricultural Educator and FFA Advisor is each day I get the opportunity to work with students that are today’s leaders.  Often times we hear the phrase that young people are “the leaders of tomorrow,” however, I firmly believe that today’s students have just as much of a voice and influence on society.  Although they may not yet hold a corner office, they are truly shaping our culture and have a significant impact on our daily lives.  Thus, what makes my position exciting is that I get to expose students to the various aspects of agriculture and life skills in the Agricultural Education classroom/laboratory, through participation in the National FFA Organization, and with their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE).  With the different aspects of teaching and learning, I hope to help each of my students find their passion in agriculture or beyond.

What advice would you give to current students pursuing a career in Agriculture and Life Sciences?  Find a mentor. Often time’s students feel faculty and staff are “too busy” to visit about class, research, or careers, however, many faculty and staff are more than welling to visit one-on-one with students and help them in any possible way.  Some faculty and staff members may even need some assistance with various tasks, thus, the initial conversation could potentially lead to an on-campus job or internship.

Participate in Science With Practice.  Science With Practice (SWP) is an excellent experiential learning and work opportunity for students enrolled in CALS.  Students not only get to work with faculty and staff on a specific project that is of interest to them, but they also earn money as well as academic credits in the program.  For students, finding their passion may be closer than they think and the SWP program may be able to assist them.

February 2019

Area of Expertise: 
Agricultural Education