Cassidy Buddenberg

Young Alum of the Month

Name:  Cassidy Buddenberg

Hometown:  Decorah, IA

Major and Graduation Date:  Dairy Science, Fall 2016

Favorite ISU Class:  Animal Science 333 - Embryo Transfer with Dr. Youngs.  After interning with Prairie State/Select Sires (now Select Sires MidAmerica) the summer after my sophomore year, and Select Sires Inc. the summer after my junior year, I made up my mind I was going to work in the Dairy and Beef A.I. field upon graduation.  Dr. Youngs' Embryo Transfer class gave me the opportunity to go a step further from his Reproduction class and learn more about synchronization protocols and things like that, which have no doubt been helpful in my role today. 

Job Title and Company:  Marketing & Communications Specialist, Select Sires MidAmerica

Major Job Responsibilities:  Throughout my three years at Select Sires MidAmerica, I have had many responsibilities that have led me to my current role.  When I started full-time, I stepped into a sales role for the first year.  This gave me valuable knowledge of our products and services, as well as experience with customers.  After that I began a marketing and communications position where I am in charge of creating advertisement, supplying price information, and offering support for our sales team.  I also communicate with our corporate office to place ads in our sales area publications and operate the company Facebook page.  I am also in charge of hiring and managing our summer interns. 

What you like most about your job.  My favorite part of my job is the people I work with.  When I started full-time, many of the sales reps would call to check in on me, give me tips, and answer any questions I had.  Many of our staff members have worked for our company for most of their careers.  It's really reassuring to me that I chose the right company to work with, because it seems that no one ever wants to leave.

What advice would you give to current students pursuing a career in Agriculture and Life Sciences? My biggest piece of advice is to find your passion and run with it.  I knew early on that I wanted to work for this company.  I learned how to A.I. at the beginning of my college career which made me an ideal fit for our internship program.  Being an intern for Prairie State/Select Sires led me to make many connections within our company, which gave me great references to land an internship at our corporate office the following summer.  These internships led me to a full-time career with a company I was already familiar and comfortable with before I even graduated. 

Area of Expertise: 
Dairy Science
Animal Science