Celeste Swanson

Student Intern at MaxYield Cooperative

Name: Celeste Swanson

Major: Agricultural Business

Year: Junior

Hometown: Galt, IA

Company/Organization: MaxYield Cooperative

Location: West Bend, IA

Describe your internship responsibilities:
I had the opportunity to be the Grain Accounting and Corporate Finance Intern for MaxYield Cooperative the summer of 2016.  I was largely involved in the grain department, but assisted the corporate accounting and finance teams as well.  I spent a lot of my time balancing settlements, working with price later contracts, updating and comparing basis spreadsheets, entering inventory adjustments and trucking invoices, and balancing hedges.  I also helped out with the Enogen program by contacting farmers and entering batch tickets and settlements.  One of my favorite projects was developing the new grain policy outline.

What did you enjoy most about this internship?
I enjoyed getting to know the people that I had the privilege of working with at MaxYield.  I know the connections that I made while working at MaxYield will be great resources for me while I continue my collegiate career and while I am narrowing down the career choice for my future.  I also built a great relationship with my mentor, Rick Abrahamson, and am very grateful for the one on one mentor program MaxYield has created.

How has this experience impacted your future career plans?
Before this internship, I did not really know what Grain Accounting all entailed.  Growing up on a family farm I was really involved in the operations side and my time at Iowa State has now taught me about the business side and economics of agriculture.  I really enjoyed the whole Grain Accounting sector and could even see myself pursuing it as a career in the future.

What resources did you utilize to obtain this internship?
While preparing for the Iowa State Career Fair, I scanned CyHire to find internships that perked my interest.  I came across the Grain Accounting and Finance Internship for MaxYield and immediately contacted last year’s intern to learn more about what the internship program had to offer.  I talked to Chad Meyer and Diane Streit at the career fair and went through the interview process.

What advice would you offer to other students seeking similar internships?
The Grain Accounting and Corporate Finance Intern for MaxYield Cooperative definitely needs to enjoy numbers.  I dealt with mental math, spreadsheets, balancing accounts and more everyday.  If you have a knack for numbers and love having fun, then this is definitely the internship for you!!

Area of Expertise: 
Agricultural Business