Lauren Gilbert

Young Alum

Name: Lauren Gilbert

Title and Company: Environmental Engineer, John Deere

Hometown: Crystal Lake, IL

Major and Graduation Date: Double Major: Environmental Science and Environmental Studies; Agronomy Minor. May 2016

Major Job/Position Responsibilities: 

As an environmental engineer I manage a variety of environmental programs such as waste, spill response, soil, and chemical programs.  Within these programs I inspect regulated items, conduct trainings, compose plans, and execute projects to reduce the factories’ environmental impact.

What you like most about your job/position: 

My favorite aspect of my job is the diversity and variability of projects.  One day I could be collecting and organizing data, the next day revising a management practice, or developing a new way to recycle waste.

What advice would you give to current students: 

1. Follow your passion when it comes to your coursework.  If you like a certain course find others like it and seek out opportunities that allow you to explore that field more.
2. Get to know your professors.  They want to help you learn and explore opportunities.
3. Get involved on campus through clubs or other organizations.  Being involved with a variety of clubs helps you meet other people and build key strengths like leadership and time management.
4. Challenge yourself.  College can be a lot of fun but don’t shy away from a leadership position or a hard course.  Those challenging opportunities will only better prepare you for your career.

Favorite ISU Class
Issues in Sustainable Agriculture

Area of Expertise: 
Environmental Science
Environmental Studies