Mackenzie Reed

Young Alum

Name: Mackenzie Reed

Title and Company: Family Medicine Physician Assistant, Mayo Clinic

Hometown: Toddville, IA

Major and Graduation Date: Genetics, May 2011

Major Job/Position Responsibilities: 

As a physician assistant I interview patients, diagnose problems, order diagnostic tests, and prescribe medicine.  I help educate patients on new conditions as well as manage their existing ones.

What you like most about your job/position: 

My favorite part about my job is the opportunity to meet new people on a daily basis and help improve their quality of life.  Each patient that walks through the door presents an individualized concern that requires me to factor in all of the details to find the optimum solution.  Everyone is unique and no situation is the same. 

What advice would you give to current students: 

My advice to current students would be that being focused and goal driven is great, but don’t forget to take time to enjoy life.  There are a lot of fun opportunities at Iowa State, remember to take time and invest in what matters most to you as you pursue your degree.

Favorite ISU class(es)
My favorite courses were Gen 409 and Gen 410, because it was fun to finally focus on genetics and attend small classes with other friends with genetic majors.  Although my freshman honors seminar was a lot of fun too!

Area of Expertise: