Ted Bloechle

Student Intern at Dow AgroSciences

Name: Ted Bloechle

Major: Agronomy and Genetics

Year: Junior

Hometown: Double Oak, TX

Company/Organization: Dow AgroSciences

Location: Nevada, IA

Describe your internship responsibilities:

Soybean Development Intern:  For my internship, I was responsible for sorting seed, aiding in planting, and managing my fellow workers.  I also helped cross-pollinate soybean plants—a challenging operation since soybeans’ natural inclination is to self-pollinate.


What did you enjoy most about this internship?

The ability get outdoors and learn how a research operation is run on the ground was probably one of the best things about my job.


How has this experience impacted your future career plans?

Learning how soybeans and, to a degree, corn field research is conducted will allow me to better determine what type of lab research I would like to conduct in the future.  Having this background knowledge will allow me to better judge what would really benefit those working on field research.  Also, now that I have interned for Dow, I would like to intern with them again at some point in the future, perhaps at their headquarters in Indianapolis, to learn more about how corporate lab research is conducted.


What resources did you utilize to obtain this internship?

I actually found my internship at the Fall College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Career Fair, applied for an interview on the spot, and was able to interview with them in the Career Services office the very next day.  I was offered the internship a little under a month later, after a second interview at their research station.


What advice would you offer to other students seeking similar internships?

I would recommend that they do their research on the different companies that will be at the Career Fair ahead of time, and narrow down their list to those that offer the type of internship which they are interested in.  Once they have a short list, they should print off at least that many resumes, acquire a portfolio in which to put them and practice how they will introduce themselves to the representatives they will meet at the fair.  As always, dress well and budget your time appropriately before heading off to the event.

Area of Expertise: