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Oklahoma State University - Master's of International Agriculture Program

The Master of International Agriculture Degree Program (MIAP) is a multidisciplinary degree program, preparing students for a successful career in global agriculture. Blending theory, practical knowledge, and hands-on experience, the program prepares students to make a significant contribution to the field of international agriculture. MIAP is designed to allow students the opportunity to choose a focus area that fits their personal, professional, and academic goals. Our program also requires that time be spent abroad, for an international experience in a country of the student's choice. The diversity and flexibility of MIAP provides students with the background necessary to effectively design, implement, and manage agricultural programs in developed and developing areas.

DreamDirt Farm & Ranch Real Estate

DreamDirt has been the voice of hundreds of farm families and their heirs all across the Midwest and Plains states when they sold farmland. Our headquarters is located in Iowa with Land Specialists and auctioneers across the region. We are a leading farmland brokerage and auction company specializing in the sale of farmland, ranch land, hunting land, farm equipment, farm estates trusts and retirements. We provide the latest in technology, modern marketing techniques and farm reaching advertising that has been a great benefit to our sellers who enjoy exceptional exposure.

Midwest Dairy

Midwest Dairy™ is a non-profit organization financed and directed by the dairy producers in ten states - Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and eastern Oklahoma. The mission of Midwest Dairy is to implement programs that help increase sales and demand for dairy products and dairy ingredients. The goal is to help improve the economic well-being of Midwest dairy producers.

Iowa Farm Bureau Federation

The Iowa Farm Bureau Federation promotes the people, progress and pride of Iowa. The organization started rather humbly--a group of farmers wanted to better themselves, their families, their industry and their state. So, they joined forces and formed the Iowa Farm Bureau. Although a lot has changed over the years, our mission is still much the same today. Across our great state, Iowans have a lot in common--a dedication to hard work, a passion for the land and a character rooted in faith and family. It's this common bond that weaves through the Iowa Farm Bureau. We are a membership base of Iowans who take pride in what we have accomplished. Over the years, the Iowa Farm Bureau has grown along with the agricultural industry and the state of Iowa, and our bond with agriculture continues to flourish. We believe one of the most important things we raise in Iowa is not planted


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