General Agribusiness

MBS Family Farms

MBS Family Farms is a 5th generation farming operation located near Plainfield, IA. MBS has evolved from a diversified livestock and row crop operation into a focused row crop production system that still diversifies through its support businesses. MBS Family Farms is a fast growing, multi-generational operation committed to entrepreneurial growth through honesty and integrity.

Hog Slat, Inc.

In 1969, Hog Slat, Inc. began as a family business with a goal to become a dependable local provider of production solutions for area hog farmers. Over time this became a reality, and what started as a goal transformed into a vision: to expand Hog Slat�s capabilities to literally take on a world of opportunities. Through the right combination of dedicated and hard-working individuals Hog Slat has emerged as the world-leader in providing equipment, products and services to the swine and poultry industries. Hog Slat, Inc. offers a variety of sales manufacturing, construction, distribution, production, human resources, administration, financial services, customer services, and internship opportunities.

Iowa Farm Bureau Federation

The Iowa Farm Bureau Federation promotes the people, progress and pride of Iowa. The organization started rather humbly--a group of farmers wanted to better themselves, their families, their industry and their state. So, they joined forces and formed the Iowa Farm Bureau. Although a lot has changed over the years, our mission is still much the same today. Across our great state, Iowans have a lot in common--a dedication to hard work, a passion for the land and a character rooted in faith and family. It's this common bond that weaves through the Iowa Farm Bureau. We are a membership base of Iowans who take pride in what we have accomplished. Over the years, the Iowa Farm Bureau has grown along with the agricultural industry and the state of Iowa, and our bond with agriculture continues to flourish. We believe one of the most important things we raise in Iowa is not planted

Gowan USA

Gowan USA is a family owned registrant and marketer of crop protection products and champions technology for agriculture and horticulture through innovative product development, public advocacy and quality production. Bringing science, regulatory acumen, innovative investment, and focused execution to the forgotten problems of agriculture has earned Gowan the reputation of being the "Go To Company."


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