Seed and Chemical

Iowa Ag Connections, LLC

Our mission is to partner together with growers to offer the best options for each person's individual operation. As we operate our own farming operation, we have gotten frustrated with having to overpay for products due to limited access or due to our lack of ability to apply our own chemicals. We are seeking to leverage our knowledge and relationships to offer customers solutions that are in their best interests and adding profitability to their bottom lines.

Latham Hi-Tech Seeds

Latham Hi-Tech Seeds, is an independent, family-owned seed company that brings world-class technology homeTM to rural communities through local dealers in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin and North and South Dakota. Latham Hi-Tech Seeds partners with global seed technology companies to give thousands of independent, family farmers access to the latest advancement in seed corn and soybean genetics.

Mid-Iowa Cooperative

THE MID-IOWA DIFFERENCE Growers are experts in making things grow. As a full-service cooperative, Mid-Iowa Cooperative provides the products, services, ag business resources, and technical expertise to help our local producers thrive in central and east-central Iowa. Our diverse client portfolio reaches across the state to serve 850 members. We’re also the largest direct-ship farm-to-market grain procurement company in the Midwest.


We are a global group using cutting edge technology to research, develop and commercialize maximum yield soybean varieties as well as other extensive crops, thus generating several business opportunities to add value to the Group’s growth.

LG Seeds

Our goal is to deliver valuable solutions, while maintaining meaningful relationships and providing an excellent customer experience. We do this through our exceptional people, world-class research, innovative production processes and cutting-edge quality assurance practices.

Spraytec Fertilizers

Spraytec manufactures and markets foliar fertilizer products specially formulated to avoid losses during application and provide nutrition, promote overall plant health, and aid in the control of disease in your crops. Our products cover your needs throughout the entire crop production season, starting at pre-plant weed control and finishing at harvest.


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